International Journal of Environment
ISSN: 2186-6872 (print). 2186-0009 (online)

Peer-review policy of IJE:

  • All papers submitted to the IJE are first examined by an Editor.
    And the paper which is most likely to meet the editorial criteria of the IJE will be assigned
    to at least two referees for review.
  • Review result may take 3 months at most including revision and resubmission period.
  • Reviewers' identity will remain undisclosed.
  • Author may recommend some reviewers - however, Editors are entitled to consider them or not.

    The Editors will make a decision on a paper - based on the reviewers' comments, as one of the three states:
  • Accept to publish (onlineFirst) - with or without Minor Revisions;
  • Accept to publish with Major Revision - Authors will be advised to revise the manuscript to address
    specific concerns before a final decision is reached, and a short period will be offered to do that.
    The paper will be re-reviewed based, and authors must write a cover letter, addressing all concerns of all reviewers.
  • Reject
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