International Journal of Environment (ISSN: 2186-0009)  

Relationship of Carbon-Arsenic-Nitrogen in Sediment with Respect to Arsenic Release in Groundwater in Bangladesh - A Preliminary Study
Md. Shamim Uddin and Kiyoshi Kurosawa
To clarify the mechanism of groundwater As (arsenic) pollution, the As - carbon (C) - nitrogen (N) relationship and C and N sources were examined for sediments and groundwater in a Bangladeshi farming village. For sediments, the positive correlation of As-C-N concentrations was observed, and As, C and N concentrations were very high in peat. The source of N in peat was the chemical N fertilizer or its combined form and that of C was aquatic plants. For groundwater, the source of ammonium-N was the fertilizer and the positive correlation of As - ammonium-N concentrations was observed. Adsorption of As by aquatic plants and its following decay might cause the coexistence of As and C in peat. The N, supplied by chemical N fertilizer, was bound to C by the van der Waals force, perhaps providing high ammonium-N in peat to prompt the reductive release of As to groundwater.
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