International Journal of Environment (ISSN: 2186-0009)  

Examining the Process of Deforestation by Cash Crop Farming in Teknaf and Its Impact on Inhabitants' Livelihoods
Maiko Sakamoto, Masakazu Tani, and Masao Moriyama
Substantial deforestation is reported in the Teknaf peninsula in Bangladesh. Betel leaf cultivation is considered to be one of the factors contributing to forest degradation. This research used mixed methods to examine deforestation in the region and to present an effective counter measure. First, household survey data were collected about environmental attitudes and individual attributes of the local population. Second, the survey data were used to compare statistically the distribution of betel leaf cultivators across time, which is helpful to our understanding of how characteristics of households that cultivate betel leaf differ in different periods. Third, the effect of betel leaf cultivation across time is examined by combining the result of statistical analysis on questionnaire results and the Remote Sensing images analysis. Based on the results of the analysis, effective measures for mitigating deforestation are examined.
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