International Journal of Environment (ISSN: 2186-0009)  

Recovery of Furfural Produced by Hydrothermal Treatment with Biomass Charcoal
Hisaya Tsuji, Pilasinee Limsuwan, Tsuyoshi Hirajima, Keiko Sasaki, Hajime Miki, and Satoshi Kumagai
In this study, the hydrothermal treatment of biomass (mainly coconut shell) using a batch-type reactor at 200-300 °C was investigated. Under hydrothermal treatment at 200 °C, 30 min, hemicellulose decomposed to xylose, acetic acid, furfural, etc. Cellulose was almost decomposed to various organic acids and 5-HMF at 250 °C. Highest furfural concentration was obtained at 200 °C treatment. Solid products of hydrothermal treatment were carbonized in order to be used for adsorption of furfural and compared with carbonized product without hydrothermal treatment. Carbonization products of the hydrothermally treated coconut shell adsorb furfural efficiently. Important parameter for furfural adsorption on carbon is not only specific surface area but also micro pores in carbon which are needed to be larger than furfural size.
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