International Journal of Environment
(ISSN: 2186-6872 (print). 2186-0009 (online))

Flood Risks for the Char Community on the Ganges-Padma Floodplain in Bangladesh
Mohammad Najmul Islam
Due to population pressure and scarcity of land in Bangladesh many poorest communities are obliged to live in the floodplain riverine areas known as char-lands. The excess of water happens during the monsoon because of widespread flood which damages char-land settlements, agricultural crops, dwelling assets, infrastructures and communication networks. The present study clarifies some aspects of char livelihood, especially the overall risk to flood hazards and the variation of the vulnerability depending on the location of char-lands in Bangladesh. It was found that island char and attached char villages were most severely affected by annual floods. During catastrophic flood hazards the poor tried to survive by selling off their movable assets. The riverine char-land should be incorporated into the flood and erosion forecasted zones. In order to reduce damages the flood danger level and warning system need to be developed for the floodplain areas.
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