International Journal of Environment
(ISSN: 2186-6872 (print). 2186-0009 (online))

Low-carbon Society Development in Bangladesh, Vision 2025
Tahsin Jilani, Kei Gomi and Yuzuru Matsuoka
The concept of low-carbon society (LCS) for Bangladesh arrives with a window of opportunity to adopt energy efficiency improvement and future flow of renewable energy sources through infrastructure development and improve other behavioural and lifestyle related choices. This LCS study will be the first initiative to develop an initial vision of possible LCS scenario in Bangladesh. This study used the Extended Snapshot tool (ExSS) developed by Kyoto University, Japan, in order to design quantitative future scenario of LCS and estimated the socio-economic activity level, energy demand, CO2 emission and reduction potential by adopting feasible low-carbon measures. The CO2 emission was estimated 31.7MtCO2 in 2005, under the scenario of 2025BaU emission will be increased to 240.7MtCO2 which is about 7.6 times larger than 2005 and in 2025CM emission will be reduced to 132.6MtCO2 which is about 45% smaller than 2025BaU. Low-carbon measures include energy efficiency improvement in the demand and supply sides as well as renewable energy in the power sector.
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