International Journal of Environment (ISSN: 2186-0009)  

Analyses of Cost Comparison of Slope Protection Method Between Japan and Bangladesh
Md. Toriqul Islam, Md. Zakaria Hossain and Masaaki Ishida
The construction of low-cost composite structures for earth slope protection is demonstrated to familiarize this new technology in developing countries. Case studies are performed in Japan and Bangladesh on several factors such as binding materials, reinforcements, method of application, skeletal steel, cost of structures, etc. The selected structures that have been identified for earths slope protection are earthen embankments, hill cover, slope surface lining, skeletal frame of soil anchoring and earth reinforcements. The design and construction of the composite structures have been performed using simple techniques made of locally available materials. The cost of construction of the composite structure has also been calculated for Japan and Bangladesh based on the present cost of materials and labor. It is expected that the results obtained in this study will bring new idea in achieving wide acceptance of this technology for the construction of low cost structures for earth slope protection.
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