Title: International Workshop on Aquatic Environment & Fisheries (IWAEF), 2013
Objective: This workshop covers various related issues on water pollution, aquatic-environmental problems, fisheries, aqua-culture & environment, fisheries management, coastal-zone management, etc. Welcome to this conference!
Workshop Chair:
Harunur Rashid, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Zahid Parvez Sukhan, Kyushu University, Japan
Contact email: zpsukhan [use 'AT' mark]

Special Session 1 (SS01):

Title of the Session: Deforestation in Teknaf
Objective: This session organizes presentations based on an on-going research on deforestation in Teknaf Peninsula, Bangladesh. Because all papers will deal with the same field from different perspectives, it is better to present together in one session.
Session Organizer:
Masakazu Tani, Kyushu University, Japan
M. Zulfikar Rahman, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
Contact email: tani [use 'AT' mark]

Special Session 2 (SS02):

Title of the Session: Industrial Effects on Environmental Management
Objective: The theme of the session focuses on various issues related to the Managerial and Planning aspects of Industries, Public and Private Enterprises as well as their influences on Environmental effects for present as well as future perspectives. A comparative evaluation with Bangladesh and Japan would be the main feature of the session theme.
Session Organizer:
M.T.I. Khan, Saga University, Japan
Contact email: khan [use 'AT' mark]

Call for Workshop / Special Session Proposals

We welcome you to organize Workshop / Special Session in the ICEAB!
ICEAB technical program will include parallel Workshop (W) / Special Sessions (SS)!

The aim of Workshop (W) / Special Session (SS) is to provide a complementary flavor to the regular sessions and should include hot topics of interest to the ICEAB areas/topics that may also go beyond disciplines traditionally represented at the ICEAB.

Proposal Submission:
Prospective organizers of W/SS should submit proposals for W/SS with the info below:

- Title of the W/SS:
- Objective of the W/SS: Define & explain - how the W/SS is different/related from the subjects covered by the regular sessions.
- Name of the W/SS organizers and short profiles of them [1~4 organizers]
- Information on possible papers, presenters and apart from papers to be presented, mention whether you will invite any speaker for the W/SS. [Minimum number of papers for an SS: 4 accepted papers at least]
- Workshop length: Half-day workshop will be allowed in the ICEAB.

Email to:

W/SS's evaluation criteria:
- Interest on the topic
- Evaluation on the organizers
- Plan of the W/SS

All papers presented in the W/SS will be included in the Conference Proceedings. Therefore, all papers must submit according to the instructions of the ICEAB.
Please never miss this opportunity to attend this conference!
We are looking forward to have you in the conference!