Topics of Interest

(not restricted to)


River issues and water pollution
Air and other pollutions
Industrial pollutions
Composite Materials and Technologies


Forest and biodiversity conservation
Fisheries and marine biology
Microbiology and biochemistry on environment


Climate change and global warming
Green energy, renewable energy
Solar energy technology
Green technology: industrial perspectives


Waste management
Public health, policy and law and environment 
Environmental education, ESD

Special Session 1:

Title of the Session: Industrial Effects on Environmental Management
Objective: The theme of the session focuses on various issues related to the Managerial and Planning aspects of Industries, Public and Private Enterprises as well as their influences on Environmental effects for present as well as future perspectives. A comparative evaluation with Bangladesh and Japan would be the main feature of the session theme.

Some more specific sub-topics on the above main areas [not limited only to]:

Adaptation of forest and forest management in changing climate
Community-based adaptation (CBA) to climate change
Assessment of vulnerability and adaptation in agriculture and fisheries
Forestry for livelihood enhancement and poverty alleviation
Role of NGOs in community-based adaptation to climate change
Forest and forestry of Bangladesh : Science, practice and policy
Non-timber forest products and rural livelihood
CDM and Bangladesh
Application of RS and GIS in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Forest-based small-scale enterprises
Forestry and tribal communities: conflict or cooperation?
Urban forestry and urban environment
Industrial efforts on environmental management
Green Chemistry
Women and environment
Rural lives and environment management
Engineering aspects on environment
Environmental policies and missing links of the society, industry, policy-makers
World politics and environmental policies
Impacts of NGO/NPOs on environmental issues